Our mission is to design fun and functional, responsive websites focused on balancing premium content with an enjoyable user experience. 


We develop and launch social campaigns focused on engaging content and developing relationships across multiple platforms.


We help brands craft superior content that drives traffic and helps build an authentic, authoritative voice.


We help create a lasting statement for your brand through logo design and branding guides designed to help you maintain brand clarity.


A long time ago, OneRedCat founder Mike Tanner worked in conjunction with an office in India. There was a particular individual who would respond to all requests with the following statement; “The needful has been done”. That line always stuck with Mike and now we use it as a sort of motto. At OneRedCat, we do what needs to be done. From web development, to social media management to content creation, we do our best so that you can do whatever it is that you do best.

“Styles come and go. Good Design is a language, not a style”

– Massimo Vignelli


Track. Everything

I used to be a real “fly by the seat of my pants” guy. I’d come up with a plan and that I’d execute. And then a new plan. And I’d execute. And so on. But over the past couple of years I’ve come up with a bit of a problem with this scenario. I missed a step. I didn’t...

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Newsletters: Yay or Nay

Can we take a minute to talk about newsletters? I’m torn. There are a few newsletters that I LOVE. They provide killer content and some really interesting actionable ideas. They find a problem or a pain point and they provide a solution, or at the very least an...

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Voting On Social Media

Recently, we had a provincial election. I want to start with a VERY large caveat which is that this is NOT a political post. This is not about which party I think was right, or wrong, or would be the best for the province or would be the worst for the province. I’ll...

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OneRedCat’s superpower is meeting you where you are. They understand your skills and talents, and mould those things to portray the image and message that your brand needs to convey. They translate those into a functional website, and social media tips, giving your customers what they need when they need it. They work closely with you by responding promptly to requests and general questions, and offer practical solutions.

Andrea Tsang-Jackson

Owner, 3rd Story Workshop

OneRedCat has been a great resource for me & my clients! While working on a few website projects together, they were always available to answer questions, make revisions or changes & accommodate requests. I really enjoy working with them & know that when I am, my client will be totally satisfied with the end product.

Kelly Blair

Owner, Pigeon Post Media

After my old site was infected by malware and blocked shortly before the time of year when I get the majority of my bookings, I was in a desperate state. Luckily OneRedCat came to the rescue…. and then some. I can’t say how relieved I was that Mike and his team had the new site up and running so fast. OneRedCat is a flexible team who were easy to work with and instinctively understood my needs. Honestly, understood my needs better than I did myself. The new site is sleek, modern, with a clean look that is easy to navigate and highlights my services much more clearly than my old site ever did. It was better than anything I could have dreamt up on my own.  I want to say a big thanks for your great work on my new site. My bookings through the site have increased since the launch!

Katherine Fitch Loza

Owner, Maritime Harpist

OneRedCat combines in-depth knowledge of social media with versatile communication skills to teach it, even for beginners. They explain clearly and encourage unflaggingly: their patience is phenomenal. They guide gently but firmly towards agreed-upon goals; and they LISTEN.

Ariel Harper Nave

Owner, Ariel Harper Nave Astrology



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